Russ Granata

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Russ Granata

Russ Granata (1923-2004) was an Italian-American with roots from Sicily. He lived in South California, was a teacher, translator and author. He published the works of Carlo Mattogno, that he translated to English. In these works he also published his own overview of the holocaust and the critics of Jean-Claude Pressac's book about the Auschwitz gas chambers.

He translated Mattogno's results for the IHR, and helped the IHR to publish Mattogno's work "The end of a legend.". He also write articles in the newspaper of the IHR. 1994-94 he talked in a radio show about the works of Mattogno. He was invited three times as a guest in Rodney Bardin's radio program.

He was a six times decorated war veteran, he served in the navy during WW II. He studied at the University of California European History and literature. He teached 33 years European history, literature and German language at schools in Southern California.

He died in Palos Verdes. His Wife, Doris, three daughters and grandchildren remained after him.