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The Rudolf report is a study published by German Holocaust revisionist and chemist Germar Rudolf. The German first edition was published in 1993. A second revised and expanded edition edited by Dr. Wolfgang Lambrecht was published in 2011. The third, revised, and expanded edition was published in 2017. A video documentary based on the third edition was also published in 2017.[1]

The report builds upon the ground-breaking results presented in the Leuchter reports. It includes the results of a separate on-site investigation of Auschwitz. The report also answers various criticisms of the first Leuchter Report and other related criticisms of Holocaust revisionism. Also described in the second edition are the persecutions, including imprisonment, that followed the publication.

Rudolf has written that "this improved “Leuchter Report,” my own expert report called The Rudolf Report, was first published in German in 1993 and in English ten years later. In contrast to the success of the Leuchter Report, my own expert report remained something of an insider’s secret resource, probably because it is, after all, a second attempt and also because long, in-depth scientific studies covering physical, chemical, toxicological, and engineering questions, as well as detailed historical documentations, are not the kind of publications that attract the masses. They are simply not easy to digest nor, in this case, so easy to criticize."[2]

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