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Red Action was a British antifa and terrorist associated organisation. It founded in 1981 by activists who had been expelled from the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party (SWP) for their involvement in squadism (violent actions against far right racist groups). It was the main organisational force behind the antifa organisation Anti-Fascist Action.

The Independent estimated in 1995 that it had between 20 and 30 branches with 10-15 activists in each, and the paper stated that the group "enthusiastically espouses the use of violence"; it also set out links between Red Action and the Irish republican movement, and stated that members operated primarily in large cities such as London, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow.[1]

The organisation is most infamous for the 1993 Harrods bombings which involved a leading Red Action member in collusion with the PIRA.[2][3][1][4][5]

It has been claimed that members of Red Action were involved in an IRA bombing in Warrington in 1993.[6]

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