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Discrimination is argued unfair treatment due to being member of a particular group. The term tends to refer to non-violent and less severe forms of argued mistreatment. Views on what is unfair treatment may vary.

Racism and similar phenomena are the typical politically correct argued causes for discrimination.

The supposedly necessitates actions such as affirmative action in favor of the claimed discriminated group, such as Blacks. However, if assumptions such as all races having equal average IQ are false, then this may imply that the affirmative action discriminates unfairly in favor of Blacks.

Kevin MacDonald has argued that Whites are greatly under-represented and Jews are greatly over-represented as students at elite universities in the United States. The over-representation of Jews was argued to be too large for it to be due to IQ differences. In particular, poor Whites and Whites from non-urban Whites were argued to be discriminated against. "These data strongly suggest that Jewish overrepresentation at elite universities has nothing to do with IQ but with discrimination against non-Jewish White Americans, especially those from the working class or with rural origins."[1] See also Jewish influence.

Feminists may see, for example, laws in some ways seen as supporting traditional gender roles as discrimination.

Homosexuals may see, for example, laws involving homosexual marriage as discrimination.

Groups such as Muslims advocating sharia may see a society not based on this as mistreatment of Muslims.

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