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Intersectionality refers to claimed increased discrimination and other negative effects due to the presence of several "intersecting" factors.

The term is associated with "third-wave feminism", "intersectional feminism", and criticisms of some forms of feminism as supposedly being biased in favor of Whites.

Leftist Wikipedia states a claimed example: "For example, a black woman might face discrimination from a company that is not distinctly due to her race (because the company does not discriminate against black men) nor her gender (because the company does not discriminate against white women), but by a unique combination of the two."

The term is also popular among LGBT activists.

Criticisms include that "intersectionality" is used by certain groups to claim superior victimhood status and superior entitlements. See also Oppression Olympics.

Some intersectional activists have been critical of Jewish influence, the influence of Israel lobby, and Jewish victimhood status, in turn causing criticisms from some Jewish activists, which may be a cause of leftist Wikipedia's rather ambivalent and contested article on "Intersectionality", with the article including several criticisms by Jews and Zionists. See also Holocaust uniqueness.

Other criticisms include methodology often being based on unfalsifiable subjective personal experiences supposedly best judged by the claimed victims themselves, often creating unfalsifiable pseudoscientific claims.

Actual empiric research has been argued to falsify at least some aspects of the theory, see the "External links" section.

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