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Philip de Vier is the pseudonym for the author of the book Ritual Murder published by National Vanguard Books in 2001. The book is a serious evaluation of historical claims of Jewish ritual murders over the past few hundred years. The book was later reissued under the title Blood Ritual.[1] One individual Dr. Harrell Rhome, a revisionist historical researcher has come forward and said "Philip de Vier" was his own former persona[2] and sells the book on his website. Dr. Rhome's claim may be correct. It appears the work began to be serialized in the newspaper CONTACT: THE PHOENIX JOURNAL (June 14, 2000) under the name "Philip de Vier" before it was published as a book.[3] In the next issue of the paper the editors and staff decided not to publish the remainder of the work.[2](page 22)

However other evidence suggests Dr. William Pierce the publisher of National Vanguard Books may be the author of Ritual Murder. Dr. Pierce did a series of radio broadcasts for American Dissident Voices focusing on Jewish criminal behavior and came across reports that Jewish child porn rings were filming the rape and murder of children in Russia. He broadcasted his report on the American Dissident Voices radio program of October 7, 2000. Text of the program can be found here, titled "There Will Be Hell to Pay". In the broadcast Dr. Pierce said that if the Russia people ever realized the Jews were raping and murdering their children they would rise up and kill ever Jew in Russia. He went on to say,

And I'll tell you what I'm going to do without waiting for that to happen. I'm going to gather, publish, and distribute every piece of historical evidence I can find relating to Jewish ritual murders during the past 800 years or so. I'll publish a book on the subject. It'll be the best, most accurate, and most complete account of Jewish ritual murders I can make it. I'll advertise it and sell it in Russia and everywhere else. It might take me two or three months to get the book into print, but I'll tell you when I do.