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Below is a list of historic claims of Jewish ritual murders. Arnold Leese has a more detailed list in his 1938 book My Irrelevant Defence.


List by year

12th century

  • 1144: ritual murder of William of Norwich
  • 1168: Gloucester, England
  • 1171: Troyes, France
  • 1181: Bury St. Edmonds, England
  • 1183: Bristol, England
  • 1192: Winchester, England

13th century

  • 1225: Winchester, England
  • 1235: Winchester, England
  • 1235 (December 25): Fulda, Germany
  • 1243: Valreas, German French border
  • 1250: Santo Dominguito del Val [1]
  • 1255: ritual murder of St. Hugh of Lincoln. Henry III personally ordered trial and 18 culprits were executed -- all Jews.
  • 1286: Oberwesel am Rhein, Germany

15th century

  • 1462: Innsbruck, Austria, Three year old Andreas of Rinn found hanged on tree after being sold to Jewish traveling merchants [2]
  • 1475: 2-year-old Saint Simon of Trento is killed in Trento, Italy. Eighteen men and five women (all Jewish) are arrested, eight of them are sentenced to death.

16th century

  • 1598: Lubin, Poland-Lithuania

18th century

  • 1747: Zaslav, Ukraine

19th century

Solymosi Eszter (14 years old)
  • 1853: Saratov, Russia
  • 1882: 14 year old girl, Solymosi Eszter is killed in Tiszaeszlár, Hungary on a Saturday. The son of the shakter witnesses the murder, but through massive Jewish actions the murderers are not arrested, but can travel abroad to Holland.
  • 1891, June 29, Xanten, Germany: Five-year-old John Hegemann, is found dead in a neighbor's barn with his throat cut from ear to ear. Jewish butcher and shohet Adolf Buschoff is accused of the child’s murder.
  • 1899: 19-year-old girl Anežka Hrůzová is killed by Jews. Leopold Hilsner is condemned to death in 1901, but then commuted to life imprisonment after an Imperial decree, and finally pardoned in 1918.

20th century

  • 1902: Vilna, Russia
  • 1903: April 6-7, Dubossary, Moldova. Kishinev pogrom
  • 1910: October 30, Shiraz, Iran. 1910 Shiraz blood libel
  • 1913: Mendel Beilis case, in which the Czarist secret police had attempted to prove that Jews practised ritual murder and had killed a young Christian boy in Kiev for his blood.
  • 1913: Clayton, Pennsylvania
  • 1918: July 17, execution of the Romanov family as claimed by Birtish journalist Robert Wilton
  • 1919: Fall River and Pittsfield, Massachusetts
  • 1919: Chicago
  • 1928: September 22, Massena, New York[1]
  • 1932: Lindbergh baby kidnapping and murder.[2] Nationalist publications such as The Fascist of Great Britain, L’Patriot of Canada and Pelley’s Weekly in the US supported the theory the crime occurred just before the feast of Passover and that the Jew Isador Fisch was involved.[3]
  • 1933, November: anonymous leaflets are distributed thru the mail in San Diego, California accusing Jews of ritual murder and ascribing death of two local children to this practice.[4]
  • 1937, July 27: Five Jews in Bamberg, Upper Franconia, Germany were placed on trial for the 1929 ritual murder of a German child.
  • 1989, (May 1) ‘Rachel’ a witness to Jewish ritual murder on the Oprah Winfrey Show


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