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Oskar Gröning (sometimes spelled Groening or Groning in English; 1921 - 2018) was a German former SS-Unterscharführer who was stationed at the Auschwitz camp. His responsibilities included counting and sorting the money taken from prisoners, and he was in charge of the effects prisoners had arrived with.

After the war, he initially did not talk about Auschwitz. Later, he took a public position against "Holocaust denial", alleged that he had witnessed the Holocaust, and gained some minor fame, being interviewed by the BBC and other mainstream media.

However, the recorded accounts he provided to the BBC contributed to the decision to prosecute him. Before the German trial of John Demjanjuk, a prosecutor had to prove that an accused had committed a specific crime. However, after Demjanjuk, it is enough to simply prove that a German was stationed at a camp in order to be convicted as an accessory to mass murder.

In September 2014, Gröning was charged by German prosecutors as an accessory to murder. His trial began in April 2015, after the court had ruled that, at the age of 93, he was still fit to stand trial. On 15 July 2015, he was found guilty of being an accessory to the murder of at least 300,000 Jews and sentenced to four years imprisonment.

Following a number of unsuccessful appeals against the prison sentence, Gröning died on 9 March 2018, while hospitalized before he had begun his sentence

Criticisms of claim

One example of criticisms by the revisionist Peter Winter is that:

  • "Groening’s claim of a gassing facility “in a farmhouse in the forest” being operated in the middle of the night is completely unsubstantiated by any other evidence, even that put forward by the official Holocaust Storytellers;
  • Groening’s claim in the 2005 Der Spiegel interview that the burning male corpses had erections while they were being cremated reveals confirms that the entire story is an outrageous fantasy; and
  • Groening’s claim in the 2005 Der Spiegel interview that the cremations took place on “grates in the forest at night” is in complete contradiction to the Holocaust Storytellers’ claim that the “gassing victims” were cremated in the crematoria which could “dispose of” 5000 people every day.
  • Groening only came forward with these bizarre claims 40 years after the end of the war—until then, he had never said a word about this mysterious, and until then, completely unknown gassing facility “in a farmhouse in the forest.”[1]

Why then would Groening make this bizarre—and completely unsubstantiated—claim of a new, never-before-heard-of “gassing’ facility in a “farmhouse in the forest?” The only possible answer must be that he has simply imagined it after reading wild claims in this regard, and then has transposed himself into the story over time. That this appears to be the case is apparent from the fact that he only went public with this claim for the first time in 1985—some forty years after the end of the war! All the time prior to that date, he had never said a word about this “gassing in a farmhouse in the forest” to anyone, despite being a witness in several prior court cases."[1]

See Holocaust testimonial evidence: Trial confessions regarding general revisionist views on trial confessions (in particular the section "Holocaust confessors believing the argued Allied propaganda") and the "External links" in this article regarding more detailed criticisms of Gröning's claims.

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