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Orgone is a pseudoscientific concept described as a life force or energy related to (repressed) sexuality. It was developed by the Jewish Freudian and Marxist Wilhelm Reich. The word is probably from Greek org- "impulse, excitement" as in org-asm, plus -one as in ozone. Reich and others have combined it with various other pseudoscientific theories and also used it in "orgone therapy".

Reich used the theory to sell "orgone energy accumulators". He was eventually jailed due to defying an injunction related to making medical claims relating to orgone.

The concept is somewhat notable due to its origins from the also pseudoscientific psychoanalysis and Albert Einstein briefly being interested in the theory.

Another issue is why the theory gained a following and why it still has some followers. Possible explanations may be similar to those stated in the psychoanalysis article regarding the popularity of psychoanalysis.