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Odal is a pagan metal band from Erfurt, Thuringia, Germany.


Odal was founded by singer and guitarist Taaken in 1999 as a side project of the band Aske . However, Taaken fell out with the band's founder Svart and the band broke up. After several EPs, the debut album Sturmes Brut was released on Darkland Records in 2002 . Then Odal switched to the right-wing extremist metal label Christhunt Productions , where the two albums ... wilde Kraft and Zornes Heimat were released. In 2016, the last album so far, Geistes Unruh, was released via Eisenwald Tonschmiede. Musically, Odal is based on Darkthrone . Other musical influences are Isvind, Immortal, Moonblood, Burzum, Venom, Emperor, Satyricon and Mayhem. Textually, the band deals with topics such as paganism, Germanic ancestors and battles. Taaken emphasizes in various interviews that Odal is not a NSBM band, even if he listens to NSBM himself. However, some texts can be interpreted in the sense of an NSBM band. This is how Taaken sings in the song Germansk:
God of war, lead us to battle, to defeat the plague that the south brought us! Let our hordes go under the sign of the sun, for our ancestors and the sun wheel! Army of thunder lead us to victory, fight in holy war!"
[...] In addition to Odal, Taaken was and is also active in various other bands, such as Wolfsschrei, Barastir and Raven's Empire, where his brother Raven participates in the vocals. He is also the head of the label Irminsul Vertrieb or Irminsul Records, on which bands such as The Martyrium and many of his side projects have appeared, and the fanzine of the same name. The band is named after the Odal rune Othala , which in the older runic alphabet stands for “permanent property, inherited property”.[1]


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Studio albums

  • 2002: Sturmes Brut (CD; Darkland Records)
  • 2005: ...wilde Kraft (CD; Christhunt Productions)
  • 2008: Zornes Heimat (CD; Christhunt Productions)
  • 2016: Geistes Unruh (12"; Eisenwald Tonschmiede)
  • 2021: Welten Mutter (Digital / CD / 12" LP 2021)


  • 2001: Germansk (MC; Eigenveröffentlichung)
  • 2001: Traitor (CD; Eigenveröffentlichung)
  • 2002: Fimbul Winter (7"; Christhunt Productions)
  • 2003: Once adored by everyone (CD; Christhunt Productions)
  • 2016: Der Dunkelheit Reiter (12"; Black Devastation Records)
  • 2021: Leuchtend tobt der Geisterwald (12" EP / MC / CDR / Digital 2021)


  • 2003: Odal / Raven's Empire - Once adored by everyone / Vae Victis (7"; Christhunt Productions)
  • 2004: Odal / Surturs Lohe - And on earth the battle rages / Enter the Fields of Clear Blue Sky (7"; Christhunt Productions)
  • 2004: Branstock / Cultus / Odal / Deathgate Arkanum (Song: Des Wodans Zorn ) (10"; Pagan Heart )
  • 2009: Odal / Sõjaruun (Lied: Veitstanz) (7"; Black Devastation Records)


  • 2007: On Old Paths (CD; Klaxon Records; 12" LP 2016)
  • 2009: ... wild force / Once adored by everyone (LP; Christhunt Productions)
  • 2013: Discography Box 2013 (10 CDs; Fallen-Angels Productions)

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