Oblivion or the Stars?

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Oblivion or the Stars? A history of the West, and a critique of modernity is a 2012 epic poem by Daniel Beck, written in a White racialist and Christian perspective.

Oblivion or the Stars? consists of 56,000 words divided in two Parts and 82 Cantos of alternate rhyming decasyllabic quatrains. Part One recounts the history of the West from prehistory through Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and Modernity to the Twenty-First Century. Part Two is a critique of Modernity, which explicates the threats now confronting the West, of which Beck counts Jewish supremacism and non-White immigration paramount. Yet, the author holds a hopeful vision for the future, and the final tone is as much one of optimism as of challenge in a perilous time.

Beck released Oblivion or the Stars? for the Amazon Kindle on November 1, 2012. Later in the month, he introduced the poem to the White Nationalist community on Stormfront's Poetry section. He released a sample, taken from the epic's Part Two and comprising one tenth of the entire work, to Stormfront readers early in December.

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