New World Order Comix - The Saga of White Will

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New World Order Comix - The Saga of White Will is an underground comic published by the White nationalist organization, National Alliance. A comic with the appeal to White youths was an idea of Dr. William Pierce, the chairman of the National Alliance. In late 1991 Alliance members Kevin Strom and Will Williams worked with Dr. Pierce to developed a story line which centered on a White teenager’s plight in an interracial school system.

Will Williams, although an artist himself, recruited "Rip" Rousch for the artwork. Rousch was a member of the Midtown Boot Boys band who produced a comic strip called "Bootboy" At the time Rousch was in solitary confinement in Memphis Federal prison for a confrontation his had with Blacks in his home town of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Rousch agreed to do the ink drawings and Williams finished with the color. The collaboration worked fine until prison authorities stopped the process leaving the first and last page of the comic unfinished. Will Williams finished the remaining two pages attempting to draw in the style of Rousch. The first printing was 35,000 copies.

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