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Mizrahi Jews, also known as Mizrahim, Mizrachi, Edot HaMizrach, or Oriental Jews (with Mizrahi literally meaning Oriental), are the descendants of the local Jewish communities that had existed in the Middle East and North Africa from biblical times into the modern era. In association with Jewish expulsions/migration from Muslim countries after the creation of Israel, most now live in Israel.

Before the establishment of Israel, Mizrahi Jews did not identify themselves as a separate Jewish subgroup. Instead, Mizrahi Jews generally characterized themselves as Sephardi, as they tend to follow the customs and traditions of Sephardi Jews. That has resulted in a conflation of terms, particularly in Israel and in religious usage, with "Sephardi" being used in a broad sense and including Mizrahi Jews, North African Jews as well as Sephardim proper. From the point of view of the official Israeli rabbinate, any rabbis of Mizrahi origin in Israel are under the jurisdiction of the Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel. See also Sephardi Jews.

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