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Lawrence Mark Sanger (born 16 July 1968) is an American internet project developer and co-founder of Wikipedia, for which he coined the name and wrote much of its original governing policy. Besides the Internet, Sanger's interests have been focused mainly on philosophy—in particular epistemology, early modern philosophy, and ethics.

In 2020, he stated that Wikipedia had abandoned its claimed neutrality and was now “badly biased.” As one of several examples, he pointed to and contrasted double standards regarding the entries for former President Barack Obama and for President Donald Trump. Criticisms also included science articles. "In any event, when the Establishment (or maybe just the Establishment left) is unified on a certain view of a scientific controversy, then that is the view that is taken for granted, and often aggressively asserted, by Wikipedia." He stated that "It is time for Wikipedia to come clean and admit that it has abandoned NPOV (i.e., neutrality as a policy). At the very least they should admit that that they have redefined the term in a way that makes it utterly incompatible with its original notion of neutrality, which is the ordinary and common one. Of course, Wikipedians are unlikely to concede any such thing; they live in a fantasy world of their own making."[1][2]

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