Kingdom of Connacht

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Kingdom of Connacht

5th century–1474

Flag Coat of arms
The Kingdom of Connacht with its boundaries during the 10th century. The dark area is the principality Bréifne, which was sub-ordinate to Connacht.
Capital Not specified
Language(s) Irish
Government Monarchy
Toirdealbhach O'Connor
 - Established 5th century
 - Disestablished 1474

Connacht was a kingdom with varying boundaries, which at its height covered vast swathes of Ireland and was rooted to the west-coast. It existed for around a thousand years, from the 5th century when it surpassed Cóiced Ol nEcmacht, to the 15th century Norman invasion, when it was incorporated into the Lordship of Ireland. The leaders of the Connachta were the O'Conors, who provided the last widely accepted High King of Ireland during the 12th century, Rory O'Conor. Much of the territory was conquered by the de Burghs.

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