Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (28 August 1749 - 22 March 1832) was a German poet, playwright, novelist, scientist, statesman, theatre director, critic, and artist.

Encyclopedia Britannica states that Goethe is "considered the greatest German literary figure of the modern era. [...] In the literary culture of the German-speaking countries, he has had so dominant a position that, since the end of the 18th century, his writings have been described as “classical.” In a European perspective he appears as the central and unsurpassed representative of the Romantic movement, broadly understood. He could be said to stand in the same relation to the culture of the era that began with the Enlightenment and continues to the present day as William Shakespeare does to the culture of the Renaissance and Dante to the culture of the High Middle Ages."[1]

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