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Hermann Julius Höfle (in English often Hoefle or Hofle; 1911 – 1962) was an SS officer. He was deputy to Odilo Globocnik. As such, he is alleged to have been involved in the Holocaust. Höfle was briefly captured after the war but escaped. In 1961, he was arrested and sent to prison in Vienna. In 1962, he allegedly hanged himself before his trial could begin.

Höfle telegram

His name is associated with the "Höfle Telegram" (or the "Hoefle Telegram") which is sometimes (notably in several different Wikipedia articles) falsely claimed or implied to state the number of killings during a time period at several Holocaust camps. However, the telegram only lists the number of arrivals to these camps and states nothing about killings. Furthermore, there are also issues regarding the interpretation and the authenticity of the telegram. See the "External links" section regarding more details.

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