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Hermann Friedrich Gräbe (often Graebe in English; 19 June 1900 – 17 April 1986) was a German manager and engineer in charge of a German building firm in Ukraine during WWII and a claimed Holocaust witness of mass executions of Jews at Dubno, a city in Western Ukraine, on 5 October 1942. Following the war, he wrote a well-known affidavit, which was used during the International Military Tribunal and provided important testimony during the Einsatzgruppen Trial, both trials being part of the Nuremberg trials.

The Holocaust revisionist Robert Faurisson testified in court at the second of Ernst Zündel's Holocaust trials. "...[We] have every reason to think that Hermann Graebe was a false witness," said Faurisson, "and, discovered by the German justice as a false witness, [was] sued for false testimony. He left Germany and went to San Francisco and never accepted to go back to Germany to answer to the accusations of the German justice." [...] Hermann Graebe, the man Faurisson had already testified was publicly discredited as a false witness in Germany, who had gone to the United States, and who was a fugitive from the law in his own country of Germany. This had been published in a long article in Der Spiegel in 1965."[1]

The Holocaust revisionist Mark Weber wrote in a critical review of a book by David S. Wyman that "Wyman devotes just three pages of "evidence" for the Holocaust itself, including a lengthy excerpt from the widely-quoted affidavit of Hermann Graebe (Nuremberg document 2992-PS) describing a mass shooting of Soviet Jews in 1942. Wyman does not mention (and probably does not know) that in 1964 and 1965 Graebe was proven to have been a professional liar who perjured himself in 145 Allied "war crimes" trials, and that his famous "eyewitness" affidavit is now thoroughly discredited. (See: Der Spiegel, 29 December 1965, pp. 25-28)"[2]


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