The Real Right Returns

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The Real Right Returns
Cover of the first English edition
Author(s) Daniel Friberg
Country London
Language English and Swedish
Genre(s) Politics
Publisher Arktos
Publication year First Edition: 2015
Pages 136
ISBN 978-1-910524-50-3

The Real Right Returns: A Handbook For The True Oppostion is a book written by Daniel Friberg and published by Arktos in 2015.

Cover page text

The Right is coming back. After decades of humiliation and political failures, the opposition is reorganising, catching up with the times, and getting itself in order. It is none too soon. Europe faces numerous challenges, challenges which the entrenched, incompetent elites of politics, academia, and the mass media are unable and unwilling to confront. Uncontrolled immigration, the mindless waste of resources, and destruction wrought by consumer society upon the very core of Western man — these are problems posing questions which the ‘establishment’ cannot answer.

About the author

Daniel Friberg is an economist and former CEO of the Swedish mining corporation Wiking Mineral. He was also a founding member of the Swedish metapolitical think tank, Motpol. He has a long history in the Swedish opposition and was one of the founders of Arktos.

Publication data

  • ISBN 978-1-910524-50-3 (hardback)
  • ISBN 978-1-910524-49-7 (soft cover)

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