Guillaume Faye: Truths and Tributes

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Guillaume Faye: Truths and Tributes
Author(s) Robert Steuckers, Pierre-Émile Blairon, and Pierre Krebs; Jared Taylor (Foreword)
Language English
Genre(s) Politics, Biography
Publisher Arktos
Publication year 2020
Pages 210
ISBN 191297598X

Guillaume Faye: Truths and Tributes is a collection of essays, or Festschrift, in honor of French New Right Identitarian and author Guillaume Faye, published in 2020 by Arktos, the year following Faye's death.

Publisher description

"Guillaume Faye was a visionary and a prophet. Like the damned poets for which romantic France is famous, he saw what others refused to see, and he named what others pretended did not even exist.

He was certainly no saint and like a true artist liked to imbibe and paint imposing mental images of the future with a brushstroke unmistakably his own. His character was consistently rebellious in the service of a higher ideal: the defense of his race and culture against the onslaught of self-imposed ethnomasochism, forced multiculturalism and aggressive Islamization.

In this book, important personages from the Right pay tribute to Faye’s outstanding career as a speaker, writer and pro-European activist. With all its ups and downs and in its lyrical grandeur, Faye’s life truly inspires all of us who strive to make a difference in our motherland — Eurosiberia. Faye was an awakener, who paved the way on which we must march to final victory and liberation."[1]


Foreword to the English Edition (Jared Taylor)

Incipit: All Grandeur Lies in the Attacks One Launches (Pierre Krebs)

I. Guillaume Faye’s Contribution to the ‘New Right’ and a Brief History of His Ejection (Robert Steuckers)

II. Farewell, Guillaume Faye, After Forty-four Years of Common Struggle (Robert Steuckers)

III. Guillaume Faye, an Awakener of the Twenty-First Century (Pierre-Émile Blairon)

End Theme (Pierre Krebs)


A Review of Guillaume Faye’s Système à tuer les peuples (Robert Steuckers)

Guillaume Faye’s Gun-Like Quill (Pierre Krebs)

Guillaume Faye and the Convergence of Catastrophes (Robert Steuckers)

An Italian Essay on Guillaume Faye (Stefano Vaj)

Should Guillaume Faye Be Lynched? (Pierre Maugué)

Publication data

  • Guillaume Faye: Truths and Tributes, Robert Steuckers, Pierre-Émile Blairon, and Pierre Krebs, 2020, Arktos, ISBN-10: 191297598X, ISBN-13: 978-1-912975-98-3

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