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Guenther Tonn (born 1894) was chief editor of Trans-Ocean News Service in New York. Transocean was a wireless European news agency headquarter in Berlin, Germany. He arrived in the US on October 20, 1938. On March 11, 1941 Tonn and his Transocean colleague Manfred Zapp were arrested and later convicted for not registering as foreign agents. In July 1941 the four Americans were exchanged for Zapp and Tonn. Both newsmen were released in Portugal.

During the war Guenther Tonn continued to work for Trans-Ocean and was based in Stockholm.

Criminal case

  • Foreign Agents Registration Act: United States v. Transocean News Service, et al., (D.D.C. March 11, 1941) (Manfred Zapp and Guenther Tonn)