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Gates of Vienna promotes zionist Geert Wilders' book Marked for Death.

Gates of Vienna is an American website, associated with the Counterjihad movement. It is based in Virginia and claims as it's goal opposing the Islamization of Europe. Its name is derived from the two Ottoman sieges of the Habsburg capital Vienna in 1529 and 1683 which marked the high tide of the Turkish onslaught on early modern Europe.

Although administered by Edward S. May and his wife, both non-Jews, Gates of Vienna is a thoroughly Judeophile website. May, who uses the penname of "Baron Bodissey", has shunned all substantial discussion about the Jewish problem in his site (see, e.g., here). He is an American WASP, whose father worked for the National Security Agency, which goes some way to explain the Zionism (May himself may have worked as an NSA spy in Britain, at Menwith Hill, in relation to the British-Saudi Al-Yamamah arms deal).

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