Free French Forces

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The so-called Free French Forces were a renegade group of French servicemen who had been evacuated from Dunkirk to England in May 1940. They were a small minority of men who refused to obey the French Government who had ordered them to return to France following the Armistice between France and Germany, and France leaving World War II the following month. The overwhelming majority of French servicemen returned home on steamers sent from France.

They adopted the ridiculous title of the 'Free French' and were set up in June 1940 as a puppet army under the British Government's direction, and were led by the equally renegade and rebellious General Charles de Gaulle.

It is important to understand that this 'force' was not acting under or with the authority of the French Government. Therefore, they were terrorists. Their weaponry, in its entirety, was supplied by the British, who ultimately decided where they would be used. There is no difference here to so-called puppet states, such as those under Soviet control, and this puppet force who were often responsible for the deaths of their own countrymen. Therefore, effectively, they were traitors.