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"Major" Frank A. Pease was the National Commander of American Defenders. The American Defenders were organized in 1929. Pease was disable veteran of the First World War who along with his wife Mabelle moved from New York to Coral Gables, Florida in August 1937. His title of major was an American Red Cross rank.[1]

Frank Pease and his group were anti-Jewish but hostile to Hitler and National Socialism. As a result of his stance he received a great deal of opposition from other American nationalists. Pease ran an ad for his anti-Hitler book What I learned in Nazi Germany in The Economic Bulletin which supported an economic boycott of National Socialist Germany.[2]

In 1957 Pease was supportive of H. Keith Thompson's efforts in congratulating the release of Admiral Karl Donitz from prison as a convicted "war criminal."[3]

His group issued the publication The American Defender.


  • Camp Fires of Ghenghiz (1933) by International Legion Against Communism
  • What I learned in Nazi Germany (1934) 59 pages cover
  • Pole to Panama: An Appeal for American Imperialism and a Defense of American Capitalism (1935)
  • The "Hole" in The Hauptmann Case? (1936) photo
  • Technicians and Revolution: An Expose of Communist Tactics For Overthrowing The State (1939)

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