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François Duprat (1940–1978) was an essayist and politician, a founding member of the Front National party, and part of the leadership until his assassination in 1978.

He was educated in Bayonne, Toulouse, and at the prestigious Lycée Louis-le-Grand in Paris. He graduated in History at the Sorbonne, earning a diploma of higher studies in history in 1963.

A communist in his teenage years, François Duprat later became a nationalist. Duprat supported Arab states as an anti-Zionist. He became involved in several journals and was important for French revisionism regarding World War II and French Holocaust revisionism.

Duprat was killed on 18 March 1978, in a car-bomb explosion. His wife Jeanine was also injured in the attack, losing the use of her legs. A Jewish "Remembrance Commando" and a "Jewish Revolutionary Group" immediately claimed responsibility for the murder, but there are other claimed perpetrators, and the police investigation was inconclusive.

Each year Jean-Marie Le Pen pays his respects at Duprat's gravesite. At the 30th anniversary of his death, LePen paid tribute to Duprat being a "martyr to the cause of freedom of thought".

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