First Jewish–Roman War

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First Jewish–Roman War (66–73), also known as the Great Revolt, was a Jewish revolt against Ancient Rome. The Roman Emperor Nero sent Vespasian to crush it. He was joined by his son Titus, who later took command when Vespasian was proclaimed Emperor. Jerusalem eventually was captured. The fortress of Masada was not conquered by the Romans until 73.

The Jewish Josephus was one of the leaders of the revolt, but became pro-Roman in captivity, and wrote a history on the war.

The war had several long-term effect, such as contributing to the Jewish diaspora and the defeat and the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem weakened and discredited several religious sects, which contributed to the increasing prominence of the Pharisees, developing into mainstream Rabbinic Judaism.

Later there were the Kitos War (115–117) and the Bar Kokhba revolt (132–135).

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