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The Roman Empire in 395 AD, being divided into a western part (red_ under Germanic rule, mainly Goths, Burgundians and Suebi) and an eastern part.

Ancient Rome was a state and civilization centered on the city of ancient Rome until it's decline in the 5th century.


The state and city of Rome was according to its own history founded in 753 BC and was a monarchy, became in 509 BC a republic that conquered or controlled all the areas around the Mediterranean Sea, became an empire in the first century BC, split into two parts in 395 AD, with western part ending in the 5th century AD, its territory conquered by Germanic Ostrogoths (Eroberung Roms), and the eastern part continuing until 1453 AD as the Byzantine Empire, its territory largely conquered by Islamic invasions.

The influence of Ancient Rome, and the influence of Ancient Greece that influenced Ancient Rome, on Western civilization is enormous. There are various less politically correct views on Ancient Rome and the causes of the initial success and later decline, on issues such as race and dysgenics. See the "External links" section.

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