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Reach of the Ostrogoths

The Ostrogoths (German: Ostgoten) were a Germanic people, one part of the Goths, who established a kingdom north of the Black Sea in the 3rd century and, in the late 5th century, under their king Theodoric the Great, established a kingdom in Italy, which lasted until the 6th century. A small group of Crimean Ostrogoths preserved their identity through the Middle Ages.

Ostrogothic kings

  • Valamir 447–465
  • Theodemir (Thiudimir) 470–475
  • Theodoric the Great (Thiudoric) 489–526
  • Athalaric (Athalarich, Atthalaric) 526–534
  • Amalasuintha (Amalasuntha) 534-535
  • Theodahad (Thiudahad) 534–536
  • Witiges (Witichis, Wittigeis) 536–540
  • Ildibad (Hildebad, Hildibad) 540–541
  • Eraric the Rugian (Erarich, Heraric, Ariaric) 541
  • Totila 541–552
  • Teia (Theia, Teja) 552–553

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