Ernest Bevin

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Ernest Bevin
Ernest Bevin.png
Born 9 March 1881
Winsford, England
Died 14 April 1951 (aged 70)
London, England
Nationality British
Ethnicity English
Occupation politician, trade unions
Party Labour

Term 27 July 1945 – 9 March 1951
Predecessor Anthony Eden
Successor Herbert Morrison

Term 30 January 1933 – 30 April 1945
Predecessor Ernest Brown
Successor Rab Butler

Ernest Bevin (9 March 188114 April 1951) was a British Labour politician, best known for his time as Minister of Labour in the war-time coalition government, and as Foreign Secretary in the post-war Labour Government. During his period, Labour still contained patriotic forces, of which Bevin was prominent. He supported solidarity with the United States during the Cold War and was an opponent of communism, calling it a "Jewish conspiracy against Britain".[1]

Bevin became a hate-figure for Zionists because of his opposition to handing Palestine over to Jewry and it was later revealed by The Times, that Menachem Begin of the Jewish terrorist group Irgun planned to assassinate him in London during the British–Zionist conflict.[2] MI5 successfully thwarted the Jewish conspiracy to assassinate British ministers.[3]


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