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Edmond Paris.

Edmond Paris (25 January 1894 - 1970) is the name of an author of books critical of the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits, as well as the Catholic Church in general. Paris, along with the Jew, Avro Manhattan is one of the main authors cited by Evangelical Zionists such as Eric Jon Phelps to claim that Jesuits and the Vatican, are the most powerful and harmful group in the world.

It is claimed that Paris was a French scholar, but a full length biography of the man from primary sources is left wanting; it may even be a pseudonym. The references in his books, such as The Secret History of the Jesuits, are of French provinence and the general line of argumentation is similar to that of anti-clerical Grand Orient Freemasonry; Paris argues against "dogmatism" and "obscurantism", because it is "intolerant" (one of his books is about Denis Diderot's Encyclopédie). Despite his general anti-religious bent, Paris' works have been used by American Evangelicals such as Jack Chick and Phelps.

In his works, Paris also attacks the European nationalist movements of the 1930s. He claims a prominent Jesuit influence over National Socialism, as well as repeating propaganda that Joseph Goebbels advocated using a "Big Lie" to fool the general public (and claiming also that this idea is derived from the Jesuit morality). Paris criticizes an "Anti-Semitic Crusade", attacking Philippe Pétain and Vichy France as well as Holocaust revisionism.

Published books

  • The Vatican Against Europe
  • The Secret History of the Jesuits
  • Genocide In Satellite Croatia, 1941-1945
  • Convert... or Die!
  • Bréviaire de la Superstition Catholique
  • Regards sur l'éducation Catholique
  • Le Vatican contre la France
  • Le Vatican contre la Démocratie
  • Planches de l'Encyclopédie Diderot, D'Alember
  • L'enseignement Catholique ou le Merveilleux Catholique
  • Les Mystères de Lourdes, La Salette, Fatima

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