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Clinton Richard Dawkins (born 26 March 1941) is an English ethologist, evolutionary biologist, and author.

He has been awarded many prestigious academic and writing awards, and he makes regular television, radio, and Internet appearances, promoting his books, his atheism, and his ideas and opinions as a public intellectual.

Dawkins is an outspoken atheist, which is considered politically correct when criticizing Christianity, but has been accused of being "Islamophobic" when criticizing Islam and Islamization.

He has stated that "When you think about how fantastically successful the Jewish lobby has been, though, in fact, they are less numerous I am told - religious Jews anyway - than atheists and [yet they] more or less monopolise American foreign policy as far as many people can see. So if atheists could achieve a small fraction of that influence, the world would be a better place."[1] The leader of the Anti-Defamation League stated that "This is classical anti-Semitism. Just because it's wrapped around an issue of atheism doesn't make it any less virulent, anti-Semitic and dangerous."[2]

There are various less politically correct criticisms.

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