Democracy or Shylocracy

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Democracy or Shylocracy is a book by Captain Harold Sherwood Spencer, first published in 1918.[1]


It is a tract opposed to Jewish supremacism which claimed to be "A Brief for Men and Women Who Labour and Who Sacrifice to Make the World Safe for Democracy, Only to Find Themselves Enslaved by Capitalism and Their Earnings Controlled by Monopolists."[2][3]

The book argued that Jewish leaders had coordinated the Russian revolution and other recent events in world history. Spencer argued that Jews were an innately nomadic people "baked by the sun in the dry burning climate of the great deserts of North Africa, Arabia and Asia Minor...The desert crept into their hearts, and so at all times they were filled with the spirit of the sandy wastes".[4]

The book went through several editions, later being published by The Britons with the added subtitle "Shall the Jew Rule the World?". The 1922 third edition included a preface written by John Henry Clarke, author of England Under the Heel of the Jew.

The book is listed on The Singerman list as item Singerman 0089. The Singerman list is a numeric cataloging system for argued anti-Semitic items, as defined by the 1982 bibliographic listing, Antisemitic Propaganda: an annotated bibliography and research guide by Robert Singerman

Publishing History

  • C.F. Roworth, London (88, Fettee Lane, B.C. 4.), 1918 (First edition).
  • C.F. Roworth, London (88, Fettee Lane, B.C. 4.), 1919 (Second Revised Edition, with added subtitle, Shall the Jew Rule the World?, with an appendix on Hallucinations. Preface by Harold Sherwood Spencer).
  • The Britons Publishing Company, 1922 (Third edition, with a preface by Dr. John Henry Clarke).


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