Communism and Freemasonry

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Communism and Freemasonry refers to associations between Communism and Freemasonry.

As discussed in the article on Freemasonry, Freemasonry has often been seen as promoting "leftist" agendas, especially before Communism became an important leftist ideology/movement. However, Freemasonry preceded Communism and has generally been seen as promoting less extreme changes.

See the articles on Freemasonry and Jews and Communism on argued associations with Jews.

Communist states usually prohibited Freemasonry (and other movements considered potentially subversive). However, Cuba has never outlawed it. There are also some Communists who have had some associations with Freemasonry. Salvador Allende was a freemason. Leon Trotsky stated that his studies of Freemasonry (and paramasonic groups such as the Illuminati and the Carbonari) influenced his subsequent intellectual development. The French Trotskyist Fred Zeller was briefly Grand Master of the Grand Orient de France.

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