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Alfred Franke-Gricksch (1906-1952) was a German SS officer.

Nuremberg trials version of the Franke-Griksch Report

There are two different versions of the “Franke-Griksch Report”. One version was supposedly found in association with the Nuremberg trials, but never used as evidence. This is an alleged two-page report entitled "Resettlement Action of the Jews". It describes mass killings of Jews in gas chambers at Auschwitz and makes explicit reference to an alleged Hitler order ordering the Holocaust. The report was allegedly written in association with an inspection tour of camps on 4 to 16 May 1943.

This version was a centerpiece evidence in Gerald Fleming’s Hitler and the Final Solution (1987).

Revisionists have argued that the document is an obvious forgery and also non-revisionists today usually do not mention it. See the “External links” section.

Recently discovered version of the Franke-Griksch Report

Recently, an English translation of what revisionists argue is the authentic report written by Franke-Gricksch has been found in British archives. In addition, a British intelligence summary analysis of the report and documents explaining the provenance of the report was found. The revisionist Samuel Crowell has written that "There is nothing in the [authentic] report about mass killings [..]. There is no place in the report for a separate codicil or appendix to describe gassings at Auschwitz; [...] furthermore a description of gassings would be completely at odds with the tenor of the report as it stands. It follows therefore that the two page ‘extract’ from the Franke-Gricksch report [...] is a spurious document. But how was this spurious document created? A possible explanation lies in the fact that the British files no longer contain the German language original. We can surmise that the original was passed on to other parties who were in the process of preparing prosecution documents for the Nuremberg trials, and then someone in the chain of custody decided to withdraw the original report and substitute an inauthentic extract."[1][2]

Crowell has also stated that the recently discovered Franke-Griksch Report makes no mention of mass killings in the camps, Aktion Reinhardt is explicitly described as a plunder operation, and Jewish deportees from the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising are stated to not have been killed. The Franke-Griksch Report contradicts the claim in the Korherr Report of there being only 20,000 Jews in Lublin in the Government General and states a much higher number.[1] See also Korherr Report: Samuel Crowell.

The revisionist Germar Rudolf has written that "Fact is that this translation of the original report supports the revisionist hypotheses that "Operation Reinhardt" had nothing to do with a mass-murder operation, as orthodox historians claim, what was about plundering the possessions of the Jews who had been deported for forced labor or resettlement.[2]

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