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Albert Westphal (b. 22 March 1838 in Pasewalk, Kreis Ueckermünde, Province of Pomerania, Kingdom of Prussia, German Confederation) was a German NCO of the Prussian Army and officer of the police, finally police council in Metz, Reichsland Elsaß-Lothringen. His last known place of residence after his retirement was Wiesbaden (Province of Hesse-Nassau).


Deutscher Ordens-Almanach (1908)

Westphal served with the Grenadier-Regiment "König Friedrich Wilhelm IV. (1. Pommersches) Nr. 2" and fought as a Feldwebel (Sergeant 1st Class) during the German War of Brothers. He was awarded the Military Honor Medal 1st Class[1] for conduct during the engagement at Gitschin on 29 June 1866 against the Austrian and Saxon Army. He then transferred to police service, presumably before the Franco-German War broke out. He is later registerd as a Polizeikommissar in Straßburg and finally a Polizeiinspektor und Polizeirat in Metz, both in the Imperial Territory of Alsace-Lorraine. In 1904, he applied for retirement, which he received.[2]

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