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The Fourteen Words (14 words) is a name for a statement used by some white nationalists, originating from David Lane:

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

Politically correct sources, such as the leftist Wikipedia, attempt guilt by association with Adolf Hitler. This despite that Hitler never stated this statement. Leftists quote a vaguely similar, but much longer, statement in Mein Kampf, despite that Hitler was speaking of Germans and not of whites in general, and despite that such vaguely similar statements have likely been made by many prominent nationalists (including non-white ones) both before and after this.

Leftists also try to make guilt by association with the supposed "white genocide conspiracy theory", despite no conspiracy being stated by the statement.

If the word "white" in the statement is changed to the name of a non-White group, then the statement would be considered politically correct, an example of politically correct double standards regarding whites.

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