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The yellow vests is a movement that began in France in 2018, initially protesting increasing fuel taxes, but later supporting various other issues and spreading to other countries. Yellow vests became the symbol of the protests, as the French are required to have a yellow vest in their vehicles.

Politically correct descriptions describe it as being motivated by economic issues and personal dislike of the French President Emmanuel Macron (a former Rothschild banker).

Another description states that "Cutting immigration has not been a central demand of the populist revolt but about 40 per cent of “yellow vests” are estimated to support Marine Le Pen’s anti-immigration party, the far-Right National Rally. [...] The 41-year-old president’s controversial move to consider quotas for non-EU immigration is seen as an effort to reach out to far Right voters. [...] He said the nation was also open to economic migrants seeking a better life but “this tradition is today being shaken by tensions and doubts over immigration and the failings of our system of integration”. "[1]

A fuel tax may disproportionately affect those living and/or working in areas with no public transport, such as Whites who have left urban areas due to White flight. More generally, worsening economic conditions and increasing taxes may be related to high economic costs for the mass immigration.

The movement has also been described as protesting against "globalization, deregulation and EU integration. Although independent of parties and unions, the movement shares many of the RN's demands: proportional representation in parliament, direct democracy through Swiss-style referendums, less European integration and — above all — Macron's resignation. [...] Both Le Pen and far-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon have publicly sympathized with the yellow vests — named after the high-visibility jackets they wear — and asked for their support. [...] "The battle is now between nationalists and globalists," she said. Since the start of the yellow vest protests, Le Pen's RN has gained in the polls."[2]

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  1. Macron puts immigration quotas up for debate in hope of placating 'yellow vests'
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