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Wir Juden (We Jews) is a 1934 book by the German rabbi and Zionist Joachim Prinz on Hitler's rise to power as a demonstration of the defeat of liberalism and assimilation as a solution for the "Jewish Question", instead favoring Zionism.

The book is controversial, for reasons such as stated criticisms of Judaism, liberalism, and assimilation, and stated support of segregationist policies before the Jewish Emancipation and National Socialist policies, even to the extent of support for some anti-Jewish National Socialist policies, for reasons such as preventing Jewish assimilation and promoting Jewish emigration to Palestine. The book has been cited by anti-Zionists.

Despite the book, when Prinz was expelled in 1937, he did not travel to Palestine, but to the United States, where he became a leader of the American Jewish community and later the anti-segregationist Civil Rights Movement.

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