Where Black Rules White: A Journey Across and About Hayti

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Where Black Rules White: A Journey Across and About Hayti is a book by Hesketh Prichard. The book was published in 1900 and describes a journey accross Haiti by Hesketh Prichard in 1899.

Haiti used to be a French colony, but a revolt by the blacks led to the virtually complete extermination and expulsion of the whites living in Haiti by 1804. Prichards journey's purpose was to evaluate the situation in Haiti after approximately 100 years of complete black self-determination without interference by whites. Although Prichard was sympathetic to the blacks, he did report his observations and this led him, for example, to include a chapter with the political incorrect title "Can the Negro rule Himself?".


  • CHAPTER I. First Impressions of the Black Republic
  • CHAPTER II, The High Road of Hayti
  • CHAPTER III. The Haytian General
  • CHAPTER IV. Vaudoux Worship and Sacrifice
  • CHAPTER V. The Haytian Navy
  • CHAPTER VI. Across Hayti
  • CHAPTER VII. Into San Domingo
  • CHAPTER VIII. Haytian Police, Prisons and Hospitals
  • CHAPTER IX. A living city within a dead one
  • CHAPTER X. The Citadel of the Black Napoleon
  • CHAPTER XL Justice and the Status of the White
  • CHAPTER XII. The Haytian Press
  • CHAPTER XIII. The Haytian People as I knew them
  • CHAPTER XIV. Hayti the Puff-ball
  • CHAPTER XV. Can the Negro rule Himself?

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