Where Black Rules White: A Journey Across and About Hayti

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Where Black Rules White: A Journey Across and About Hayti is a 1900 book by Hesketh Prichard, who traveled across the interior of Haiti and sent back a series of reports to the Daily Express, which became the basis of the book. Later editions include by Ostara Publisations and by the Wermod and Wermod Publishing Group.

Wermod and Wermod publisher description

"Hesketh Prichard, a popular Edwardian English travel writer, sailed across the Atlantic in 1899 to survey conditions in Haiti, a former French colony that, nearly a century earlier, had become the first-ever Black-ruled republic.

At the time, it was believed that no White man had ventured into that mysterious and closed-off part of the world since 1804, when General Jean-Jaques Dessalines ordered the massacre of all the Whites in the territory.

Prichard had opportunity to venture deep into Haiti's interior, unknown at that time, and was first to witness the practice of vaudoux (voodoo).

He also narrowly escaped with his life when, while traveling across the interior, an attempt to poison him was made. Prichard's observations, narrated in a exquisitely understated tone, cover every aspect of Haitian society of 1899, ranging from the grotesque to the tragi-comical-indeed, the reader will experience just about every emotion in the human spectrum as he devours this immensely entertaining book.

More importantly Prichard's account shows why Haiti, once one of the most prosperous colonies in the New World, is so profoundly dysfunctional today.

It also implicitly explains why the current Third World 'development' paradigm sponsored by the West is, how-ever well-intentioned, so profoundly ill-conceived.

This new 2012 illustrated edition come complete with contextual footnotes, an expanded index, and an extensive introductory essay and cover artwork by Alex Kurtagic."

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