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Walter Bruns was a German army engineer during WWII.

In British captivity in 1945 in the "London Cage" (infamous for torture allegations), he in a private conversation stated (according to a transcript of the conversation which was overheard by secret microphones) that he had been an eyewitness in 1941 to the Rumbula massacre, an alleged mass shooting of Jews by the Einsatzgruppen in the Rumbula forest near Riga, Latvia. Notably, this has been cited by David Irving as evidence for mass killings by the Einsatzgruppen. However, during the later Nuremberg trials, Bruns testified that he had not witnessed the shooting himself; rather he had heard an oral report about it from two subordinate officers that he was unable to identify. Even if assuming that the London Cage transcripts are authentic (those willing to resort to torturing prisoners may also be willing to resort to fabricating confessions), people in private conversations may exaggerate their own importance and use dubious claims to support their own arguments. Thus, in the private conversation in the London Cage, Bruns may simply have been retelling some rumor he had heard, but restating this as he himself having been a witness in order to increase the credibility of his argument and his own importance.[1][2]

Holocaust revisionists have also criticized many other aspects of the claims made by Bruns and the politically correct view on the Rumbula massacre more generally.[1][3] See also the Einsatzgruppen article regarding general revisionist arguments on this topic.

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