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The Red Network by Elizabeth Dilling was a pivotal work of anticommunist literature in America. Subtitled A 'Who’s Who' and Handbook of Radicalism for Patriots the book was published in 1934. It listed 460 organizations and agencies that were deemed to be communist, socialist, anarchist or radical in some way. 1,300 individuals associated with these groups were also named which included Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, and New Deal appointees. The book caused a sensation when it first appeared going thru four printings in nine months.[1]

The work was dedicated to long-time researcher on radical organizations Harry A. Jung.

The Red Network (text)

  • The Red Network: A 'Who’s Who' and Handbook of Radicalism for Patriots (1934) Complete text


  1. American Anticommunism: Combating the Enemy Within, 1830-1970, By M. J. Heale, page 107

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