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Cover of The Nest Leader's Manual

The Nest Leader's Manual is a 132 page book written by the Romanian Christian Nationalist leader Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, the founder of the organization The Legion of Michael the Archangel (also known as the Iron Guard). It was originally published as Carticia Sefului de Cuib in 1933. Codreanu wrote this classic manual of Christian nationalist action to make clear the structure of the Legion of the Archangel Michael - also known to history as the Iron Guard. An amazing blend of theory and practice, this book gives the reader a unique view of the situation in Romania, and Europe generally, in the years leading up to World War II. The Nest Leader's Manual also gives a basic outline of Codreanu's ideological teachings, although For My Legionaries still remains as his key book, which gives a much more extensive explanation of his philosophy as well as autobiographical information.

Quotes from the book

  • "Fascism is preoccupied by the clothing (namely the forms of state organization), National-Socialism by the body (namely the racial eugenics), whereas Legionarism is preoccupied by something much deeper: by the soul (namely by its strengthening through the cultivation of Christian virtues and its preparation with final salvation in mind, salvation dealt with by the Christian Church in the most perfect fashion)."
    • Quoted in the introduction to The Nest Leader's Manual
  • "The Politician's goal is to build a fortune, ours is to build our homeland flowering and strong. For her we will work and we will build. For her we will make each Romanian a hero, ready to fight, ready to sacrifice, ready to die."
  • "The law of honor: Go along only on the paths of honor. Fight, and never be a coward. Leave the path of infamy to others. Better to fall in an honorable fight than win by infamy."
  • "We have stuck together to remain poor until the grave, we have poverty and others are rich, but we are bound to overcome. We shall conquer and take revenge. We stand ready to sacrifice, we stand read to die together. This is us, Legionaries."
  • "Speak only when necessary. Your oratory should be deeds, not words. You accomplish: let others talk."
  • "Rights to Romanians and death to traitors. In us lives a soldier's heart! Live, flourish New Romania!"


Part I: Nest Meetings, Small Flag Initiative, Execution of Orders
Part II: About Organization. The Different Kinds of Nests. Their Classification
Part III: Advice for Nest Leaders that the Unit under their Command May Run Smoothly
Part IV: The Recruitment of Members
Part V: The Legionary Uniform
Part VI: Discipline and Trust
Part VII: The Nest Leader During the Election Campaign
Part VIII: In What Spiritual Direction Must a Nest Leader Steer the Education of his Men
Part IX: What Path will a Legionary have to Tread in the Course of his Legionary Life?
Part X: The Legionary and His Foes
Part XI: What a Legionary Believes
Part XII: Circular F
Part XIII: History and Vows

Publication Data

The Nest Leader's Manual. Corneliu Zelea Codreanu. USA: CZC Books, 2005. ISBN 9780976953418

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