The Myth of a Nazi Extermination of Homosexuals

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The Myth of a Nazi Extermination of Homosexuals is a 1997 article by Jack Wikoff.

Asides from various criticisms of claims of an extermination of homosexuals, the article included material on Jewish supporters of Jewish Holocaust uniqueness disliking homosexual extermination claims, such as "The conflicting claims of Jews and homosexuals as “holocaust” victims were also laid out in Richarc Goldstein’s article “Whose Holocaust?” in the December 10, 1979 Village Voice. Goldstein points out that “For gay people, inclusion in the Holocaust has become a symbol of social visibility” and furthermore: “...myths are created to serve needs, and given the imperatives of the late ‘70s, it is inevitable that homosexuals would come to ‘need’ the Holocaust, if only because it simplifies the immensely complicated process by which they come to feel oppressed”.

The very prominent Jewish exterminationist Holocaust historian Raul Hilberg even argued "that many kapos, inmates who administered the barracks and disciplined the others, were gay."

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