The Consequences of Equality

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The Consequences of Equality
Cover of the first English edition
Author(s) Matthew S. Battaglioli (Author), Douglas E. French (Foreword)
Cover artist Tor Westman
Country United States of America
Language English
Genre(s) Social Science
Publisher Arktos
Publication year 2016
Pages 106
ISBN 1910524883


The Consequences of Equality reviews how attempts by equalitarians to equalize human outcomes not only fails, but often makes matters worse, hurting the very people they claim to be helping. Warning against utopian, heterotelic schemes, Battagloioli calls for a worldview that acknowledges hierarchical realities and criticizes those who ignore them.

Book Endorsement(s)

The Consequences of Equality is a critical analysis of egalitarianism. Economics, political theory, ethical theory, and sociology are all used to tackle some of the most controversial questions of the day: “What is the nature of equality?” “Are people truly equal, and in what ways?” “What would it mean if they are not?” and, most importantly, “What occurs when a society fails to accept the inevitability of inequality?”

Dr. Richard Lynn

Table of Contents

Forward Vii

Chapter 1: The Authoritarian Nature of Equality 1

Chapter 2: The Economic Consequences of Equality 7

Chapter 3: The Political Consequences of Equality 35

Chapter 4: The Ethical Consequences of Equality 57

Chapter 5: The Cultural Consequences of Equality 65

In Conclusion 83

References 87

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