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Tribal status?

Lazar is a Jewish name, is he a confirmed tribesman? Basileus 00:49, 12 March 2013 (CET)

It has been suggested he is Jewish or an ADL operative but noting is yet confirmed. [1] [2] - NatAll75 01:20, 12 March 2013 (CET)

I have no clue who wrote this purported biographical article about me for Metapedia but it is filled with utter falsehoods. Since nobody contacted me to ask any questions -- this should give Metapedia readers a sense of how worthless Metapedia is in terms of presenting fact-based articles. Anyone who is genuinely interested in details about me or how I came to be interested in researching FBI and military intelligence files through FOIA requests may contact me directly at:

Incidentally, if you perform even the most cursory research into Lazar as a family name, you will discover that there are many Christian families in Poland, Hungary, and elsewhere whose name is Lazar

If you check for the history of the Lazar name, you will find the following information:

"Jewish, German, Hungarian (Lázár), Slovenian, and Polish: from a personal name of Aramaic origin, a reduced form of the Hebrew male personal name Elazar, composed of the elements El ‘God’ + azar ‘help’, and meaning ‘may God help him’ or ‘God has helped (i.e., by granting a son)’. This was well established in central Europe as a Jewish name, but was also popular among Christians because it is recorded in the New Testament. Lazaros is the New Testament Greek form of the name of the brother of Martha and Mary, who was restored to life by Christ (John 11: 1–44). As a non-Jewish name it was also used as a nickname for a beggar or an outcast leper; this use arises from the parable of Dives and Lazarus (Luke 16: 19–31). HH; AB, AC It may also be Greek, a shortened form of a patronymic based on this name, for example Lazarakis, Lazaridis, Lazaroglou, Lazaropoulos.Slovenian: topographic name for someone who lived in a area of cleared woodland, from laz ‘cleared woodland’ + the agent noun suffix -ar.

Today in Hungary a person named "Lázár" is very likely Jewish. examples: Lázár János, politician, Lázár Kati actress, Lázár László, security officer. All Jews. Hu1 08:56, 2 May 2013 (CEST)
@Ernie: Please provide a photo of you. This would help to clarify the origin. thanks. Hu1 09:00, 2 May 2013 (CEST)
@Hu1 = There are two problems with your "very likely" comment. (1) The family which adopted me did not originate in Hungary and I was never indoctrinated into any religious tradition and (2) "Very likely" is not the same as fact-based. Fiction-writers are free to INVENT whatever enters their mind which, obviously, leads to totally false assertions and conclusions. Metapedia presents itself as sort of an on-line encyclopedia which supposedly presents fact-based articles. As my comments on this page establish beyond dispute, Metapedia has no interest in facts. Instead, it is obsessed with attempting to link to "Jews" anybody whose views they do not like---even when there is no factual basis whatsoever for making such an an assumption. However, it is "very likely" that whoever wrote this article is a moron.

There is a famous Jewish finance company known as Lazards founded by a couple of Jews from Lorraine (Alexandre Lazard and Elie Lazard). This was what made the name familiar to me and set my Jewdar wailing off the charts. Basileus 14:31, 5 June 2013 (CEST)


This article is filled with utter falsehoods.

For example:

(1) I have never asserted that conservative columnist George Sokolsky was "an informant for the FBI". This comment was entirely fabricated by whomever wrote this article.

(2) I have never been a "radical" nor have I been much of a "liberal". I have always described myself as a libertarian populist. In the 1960's I voted for Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson but subsequently voted for every Republican who ran for U.S. President for the next 40 years. I voted for Ronald Reagan twice for Governor of California -- and I wrote letters-to-the-editor which were published in liberal magazines and newsletters which condemned liberals who claimed that Reagan was an "extremist". I have done the same thing with respect to former Cong. Ron Paul, Patrick Buchanan (whose views I share on most matters), and the Tea Party Movement. In addition, I have repeatedly defended the John Birch Society against ignorant and malicious attacks from some of its most rabid critics.

(3) I am not now nor have I ever been "an operative of the ADL". I have no connection of any kind whatsoever with ADL.

(4) My FOIA requests have not been on only individuals. I have requested files and documents about hundreds of organizations, publications, and controversies.

(5) Furthermore, this Metapedia article totally misses the reasons why I became interested in FBI (and other agency) files.

There were three primary reasons:

(a) I discovered that nobody had made requests to the FBI on right-wing individuals and organizations which influenced our 20th century history (with a few significant exceptions)

(b) Our libraries often did not have any data of any kind whatsoever about such individuals and organizations and, in fact, there were not even any biographies written about prominent conservative and extreme right figures who impacted our history, and

(c) From my numerous debates and discussions with John Birch Society members and supporters (along with other conspiracy adherents) -- it was very clear that the ONE source which they effusively praised as indisputably knowledgeable, authoritative, and reliable with respect to having facts about the communist movement in our country (and about internal security matters generally) was the FBI during J. Edgar Hoover's tenure.

Consequently, I thought (mistakenly) that I could totally avoid any name-calling or ad hominem arguments or nasty disputes about what should be acknowledged as facts, if I would research and use whatever information was contained in FBI investigative files and then share what I found. In fact, I originally assumed (wrongly) that FBI files would generally support the arguments and assertions made by the JBS and similar groups, so imagine my utter shock when I found the precise opposite!

(6) The summary in this article regarding what originally produced my interest in right-wing conspiracy narratives (in the section referring to my supposed "obsession") is a complete FALSEHOOD. Anybody genuinely interested may contact me for the facts -- which Metapedia obviously has no interest in. Email: