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Author(s) Daniel S. Forrest
Language English
Genre(s) Politics, Society
Publisher Arktos
Publication year 2014
Pages 268
ISBN 1907166947

Suprahumanism is a book by foreign affairs expert Daniel S. Forrest, published in 2014 by Arktos.

Publisher description

"We are at a crucial point in time: a moment of transition as important as the emergence of homo sapiens, or the beginning of civilisation after the Neolithic Revolution. Paradoxically, the triumph of the West – also called ‘globalisation’ – means the death of Europe and European man. Our destiny hangs between two options: either to complete the triumph of the egalitarian conception of the world, which will bring about the end of history, or to promote a historical regeneration. Nietzsche prophesied that the Earth will eventually belong to either the last man or to the superman. There are no other alternatives."[1]

Publication data

  • Suprahumanism, Daniel S. Forrest, 2014, Arktos, ISBN-10: 1907166947, ISBN-13: 978-1-907166-94-5

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