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Stephen Edred Flowers (b. 5 May 1953 in Bonham, Texas, United States), commonly known as Stephen E. Flowers, and also by the pen-names Edred Thorsson, and Darban-i-Den, is a former American professor, occultist, runologist, and pagan. Flowers, PhD, is a prolific writer and translator in the fields of early Germanic history, Germanic Neopaganism, Odianism, Mazdaism, runology, and the history of occultism. He is also the author of bestselling books on magical runic traditions under the pen-name Edred Thorsson.


Stephen E. Flowers studied Germanic and Celtic philology at the University of Texas and in Göttingen, West Germany. He received his Ph.D. in 1984 in Germanic languages and Medieval Studies. His dissertation was published in book form as Runes and Magic (Peter Lang, 1984). Other books by Dr. Flowers include Fire & Ice (Llewellyn, 1990) and Lords of the Left-Hand Path (Rûna-Raven, 1997). He has also translated and edited The Secret of the Runes by Guido von List (Destiny, 1988) and the Icelandic grimoire The Galdrabók (Weiser, 1989). He is presently the director of the Woodharrow Institute for Germanic and Runic Studies in Texas.

Together with Michael Jenkins Moynihan he wrote The Secret King – The Myth and Reality of Nazi Occultism, the "Secret King" being Karl Maria Wiligut.