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Stanley Harold McClatchie also S. McClatchie (July 2, 1894 - August 12, 1964) was an inventor and an electrical engineer. He was a contributor to several American journals including The Forum, The North American Review, and Scribners. In 1936 Stanley McClatchie issued an English language photo book on National Socialist Germany.[1] The work titled Look to Germany: The Heart of Europe[2] was published in Germany by Hitler's personal photographer Heinrich Hoffman. The German version was titled Sieh: Das Herz Europas.[3]

McClatchie was born in Pasadena, California and attended Hollywood High School. He would go on to graduate from Harvard in 1920. He became an inventor and an electrical engineer, holding several patents.[4] While working at the American vacuum cleaner company, Apex, it was decided a new model should be produce in Stuttgart where McClatchie would oversee production.[5] He studied at Leipzig University and married Rosa Noack in 1922. It was during this time he also saw the rise of Hitler and his National Socialist movement.

McClatchie returned to Germany during the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The FBI apparently considered him an enemy and followed him throughout Mexico and Central America.[6]

Stanley McClatchie died in Los Angeles, California on August 12, 1964 and was buried in Woodlawn Memorial Park.



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