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Standarten der deutschen Reichspräsidenten 1919-1945.png

The President of the Reich (German: Reichspräsident) was the German head of state under the Weimar constitution, which was officially in force in Germany from 1919 to 1945. In English he was usually simply referred to as the President of Germany, not to be confused with the Bundespräsident of the North German Confederation (Präsidium des Bundes), King of Prussia Wilhelm I, nor with the Federal President of the Federal Republic of Germany (German: Bundespräsident der Bundesrepublik Deutschland) after 1949.

List of officeholders

Name Portrait Took office Left office Time in office Remarks
Friedrich Ebert (1871–1925)
Friedrich Ebert.jpg
11 February 1919
28 February 1925
6 years, 17 days
Saddle-maker from 1885 to 1888; Trade-union activist;
SPD politician (Social Democratic Party of Germany), member of the Reichstag, Reichskanzler; died in office.
Hans Luther (1879–1962)
Reichskanzler Hans Luther.jpg
28 February 1925
12 March 1925
12 days
Dr. jur. Luther was acting (representative according to § 51) President as Chancellor of the German Reich
(Reichskanzler des Deutschen Reichs from 20 January 1925 until 18 May 1926).
Walter Simons (1861–1937)
Präsident des Reichsgerichts und des Reischsstaatsgerichtshofes Prof. Dr. jur. h. c. Walter Simons.jpg
12 March 1925
12 May 1925
61 days
Präsident des Reichsgerichts und des Reischsstaatsgerichtshofes Prof. Dr. jur. h. c. Simons,
acting (geschäftsführender) President between Ebert's death and von Hindenburg taking office.[1]
Paul von Hindenburg (1847–1934)
Reichspräsident Paul von Hindenburg.jpg
12 May 1925
6 May 1932
5 May 1932
2 August 1934
9 years, 82 days
Generalfeldmarschall of the Imperial German Army and recipient of highest German and international decorations; died in office.
Adolf Hitler (1889–1945)
Hitler, Adolf.jpg
2 August 1934
30 April 1945
10 years, 271 days
Reichspräsident and Reichskanzler in personal union; Soldier, artist and politician of the NSDAP;
unofficial title "Führer und Reichskanzler"
Karl Dönitz (1891–1980)
Karl Dönitz, Großadmiral und Reichspräsident.jpg
30 April 1945
23 May 1945
23 days
Only Reichspräsident (not Reichskanzler); Officer of the German Navy, Großadmiral of the Kriegsmarine, member of the NSDAP and
recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves.