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Radio Islam was a Swedish Islamic radio channel, now a website, founded by Ahmed Rami.

The Radio Islam website states that it "is working to promote better relations between the West and the Muslim World". It also states that it is "against racism of all forms, against all kinds of discrimination of people based on their colour of skin, faith or ethnical background". As a "consequence", Radio Islam states that it is "against Jewish racism towards non-Jews". It asserts that "World Jewish Zionism" constitutes "the last racist ideology still surviving" and that Israel is "the last outpost of Apartheid in the World", which, "by its mere existence" demonstrates "a complete defiance to all international laws, rules and principles". As well, it insists that "the open racism manifested in the Jewish State is a violation of all ethics and morals known to Man".

The website has various controversial material, such as criticisms of Zionism and Israel and Holocaust revisionism.

There have been several convictions for stated hate speech and anti-Semitism in association with it.

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